Sponsorship Program
• We too receive a pension (Rs 1000) for twenty-nine persons with developmental disabilities, /from the Tamil Nadu Government. It is helpful in providing for their daily life.
Psychiatric Rehabilitation Centre
We have started the home for those with mentally ill with the support of the government. It goes well, without any problems, and receives appreciation from many secular and religious groups. We have 60 residents. We have a male warden and a nurse is with us to facilitate this program. So far seven people were treated and rehabilitated and sent home according to the records. A few are under treatment and are about to be sent home. In our opinion, it is a successful project. It is also meaningful one in witnessing to the charity of our founder, Saint Louis Guanella. It is though this project that our blessed Founder’s is glorified in three districts even amidst other religious people like Hindus and Muslims. Usually doctors recommend to us mild cases that can be treated by us. We have good cooperation from the doctors and government officials. Many times it is positively appreciated by media and daily newspapers. In this way, our congregation becomes known in the western part of Tamil Nadu.

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